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Wellness goals for 2018

One of the easiest ways to feel better is to move.  Moving in ways your body is not used to is a way of opening up blocked pathways and stuck muscles.  When you have an injury, or have repetitive daily movements, your body figures out a way to work around it.  It’s like a tree that has fallen across a trail.  A new trail is forged around the tree.  But the original path, the way you were meant to go, is still there.  It’s just blocked.  Yoga and stretching can help to return your body to how it was meant to move.  Add them to your strength training and begin to notice a...

plank with variations/5 minutes Take the plank challenge!  Here are some variations to help you hold longer and get stronger!  Be sure to completely warm up your shoulders, back and legs before...

Stay Motivated

Here are some ways to stay motivated as you work toward your fitness goals this year.  1.  Tell someone about what you are trying to do / once you tell someone, you are committed to following through 2.  If you are not seeing the results on the treadmill, try varying the speed and incline (3 minutes fast at low incline followed by 3 minutes slower at higher incline).  This helps to increase metabolism and burn more calories.  This method also works on the cross training machines and bikes. 3.  Hire a trainer for a couple of sessions to get fresh ideas and to make sure you’re doing a workout that best suits your fitness level and goals. 4.  Workout with a friend!  Join a group fitness class or meet at the gym.  (see info about my group sessions for a great way to save $ without sparing a great...

Strength training for all fitness levels

From beginners looking to learn the basics to fitness fanatics looking for new techniques, I offer custom strength training for all fitness levels.

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