Personal Training with Margaret, Warwick, Rhode Island

Margaret Laorenza, CPT

ACSM and Yoga Alliance

CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

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winning my battle against gravity

I thought a personal trainer was something only rich people did, but now I know the truth!  Margaret is inspirational, always!  Knowing she is coming to the house on my schedule keeps me true to my regimen and I’ve never felt so good.  I actually look forward to working out!  It’s always different and so strengthening.  Margaret is very special. Try it!  you won’t be disappointed.  I’ve recommended her to all my friends.  She is helping me win my battle against gravity!   Maribeth (The Happy...

Ready for my Wedding!

I started personal training with Margaret in March, 2008, having already lost 20 pounds on my own. My goals for training included weight loss, improve physical stature, but most importantly, I wanted to make the commitment to myself to getting healthy. I had fallen off the wagon for a few years and really wanted to get back to feeling like my old self. Oh yes, and to get in shape for my wedding. It is now September2008, one week before the wedding, and I have lost 23 inches, 20 more pounds and 8% body fat. My three sessions with Margaret are the best three hours of my week! It’s three hours where I don’t have to think about work or worry about the daily grind. It’s time when I do something for myself that makes me feel better both physically and mentally. Working out with Margaret is always new and exciting. She always has a new trick up her sleeve to keep engaging and challenging me. What I love best though is Margaret’s approach to training and how easy she is to get along with-I absolutely adore her! Margaret is as committed to my goals as I am and while I’m certain I’ll enjoy my wedding and honeymoon, I can’t wait to get back training! Kim A., September...

Strength training for all fitness levels

From beginners looking to learn the basics to fitness fanatics looking for new techniques, I offer custom strength training for all fitness levels.

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