Personal Training with Margaret, Warwick, Rhode Island

Margaret Laorenza, CPT

ACSM and Yoga Alliance

CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

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Yoga classes and private instruction

Private yoga sessions can be of great help to those struggling with physical limitations.  I am available for in-home classes for small groups and one to one. Please join me for Adult yoga at:  Pilgrim Senior center, Wednesdays 6:15pm-7:30pm.  Start where you are, as all levels are welcome! My dog Rocco will not be there, but he has his own mat at home!

Studio Personal Training

        Enjoy the benefits of working with gym equipment, in a private environment.  The studio is located at 263 Quaker Lane, just past Kent County  courthouse.   It’s a comfortable space with something to offer everyone of any fitness level.  An appointment is necessary so please call...

Cardio Boosts Brain Power

A very interesting article ran in the Parade section of the ProJo on 2/18/09.  According to the article, research suggests regular aerobic exercise may delay or reverse age related brain decline, such as that seen in Alzheimer’s desease and dementia.  The studies are found in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. So, in addition to the multitude of benefits to doing your cardio, you can add a sharper brain to the list.  Keep...

Strength training for all fitness levels

From beginners looking to learn the basics to fitness fanatics looking for new techniques, I offer custom strength training for all fitness levels.

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