What are the benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer?
A Personal Trainer provides you with motivation and support, using specifically designed exercise programs to ensure that you achieve your goals.  You will not waste time trying to decide what exercises to do, as the programs are based on your fitness level and strength, so that you are always moving forward towards success.  A Personal Trainer can turn a boring workout into one that is not only fun, but that can get you the results you’ve been looking for.

Built in Motivation and a plan for success!

What do I need to know before choosing a Personal Trainer?
First, you should make sure the Personal Trainer is certified through a nationally know association, like the American College of Sports Medicine. (ACSM).   Then, the best way to make sure that your personalities are compatible, the trainer should offer an initial consultation.  At this meeting, you will discuss goals and any questions or concerns.  It is also good if the trainer does a trial workout, so that you can experience the style of training.

When should I see results from Personal Training?
Resistance training should be done at least twice per week to really begin to feel results within three to six weeks.  If you choose to train once per week, you should be prepared to workout one additional day.  Physical changes, including weight loss and inches lost will be dependent upon nutrition and the amount of cardio in the  exercise program.  Resistance  training alone will not make you lose weight.  A realistic time frame to see results is 3 months to 6 months, depending upon how much effort is put into the cardio workouts and nutritional changes.

What is the cost of hiring a Personal Trainer?
This is the most widely asked question, and for very good reasons.  It’s important to spend money wisely.  If you’re looking into personal training, then you may very well have already spent money on equipment that was never used, gym memberships that were not taken advantage of, or DVD’s promising you the world.

The average costs per session range anywhere from $35 to $100.  These fees are based on number of sessions per week and travel time.

What takes place at the initial consultation appointment?
The initial consultation is a great way for the client and the trainer to meet, discuss goals, concerns, prior workout history etc.  There is some initial paperwork, which includes a health history and consent to exercise form.  There are several policies that the trainer will cover as far as scheduling appointments and cancellations.  Then, an introductory workout will be given by the trainer so that the client can get a feel for the style of training and personality of the trainer.

Is a cardio workout part of the training sessions?
No, the cardio workouts are your responsibility.  The trainer will advise how much and how often.  This is extremely important for those clients who are looking to lose weight.  If you’re not sure where to begin with your cardio program, a session can be designated just for that.

What types of equipment do I need for in-home training?
Actually, you don’t need any equipment initially to start in-home training.  A personal trainer who offers in-home training will have equipment.   As you progress through your training program, you may find that you want to have equipment at your home to use when not training.  Two exceptions to this are dumbbells over 5 lbs and a stablility ball.

Is in-home training as effective as training at the gym?
Yes!  Any exercise performed at the gym can be performed at home.  And the fact that the client may be more comfortable in their own home can make the difference in both the effectiveness and the enjoyment of the workouts. In-home workouts must be assessed by the trainer to make sure the area is acceptable for the goals of the client.

Will you come to my gym to train me?
Yes!  But before we could schedule appointments, you would need to check with the management staff at your gym to make sure they allow “outside” trainers.  Another option would be to train with me at the private studio.  It has a pleasant atmosphere and great equipment.  There are not members therefore the entire gym is there to help you get comfortable working with equipment so that when you do go to your gym, you have a plan.

Do I need a doctor’s note to participate?

At the initial consultation, a health history form is completed to help identify any issues that may affect your training.  There may be some conditions that would require something in writing from your doctor allowing you to participate in an exercise program.

Do all Personal Trainers provide clients with a diet?

Only trainers certified in nutrition should be providing specific diets to their clients.  I am not a certified nutritionist.  Legally I cannot tell you specifically what to eat.  We could, however, use a food journal for a couple of weeks to perhaps point out some areas that could enhance your strength training workout in terms of food groups.

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