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Margaret Laorenza

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor My fitness experience and education has taken me from my 20’s to my 60’s, and shapes how I program for my clients. Being able to see the “big picture” as opposed to short term goals guides my exercise programming. After all, whether we work out at a gym, with a trainer, or at home, we still want to be able to walk the next day! And work out! As a Certified Personal Trainer, my goal is to provide specific and specialized exercise programs that fit each individual: Body, Mind, and Spirit. As a Yoga Instructor, my classes offer alternatives for people who have shoulder, knee and hip pain, and who have difficulty getting down on the floor. I work with all ages and fitness levels, but primarily with people 50 years of age and older. Whether you are recovering from a surgery or injury, just coming out of physical therapy or rehabilitation, or simply need to learn what type of exercise is best to improve your overall health and wellness, I can provide you with a program and plan to achieve your goals.


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  • Barbara B., N. Scituate
    I was first a client of Margaret’s when she worked for a local gym. When I was looking for a personal trainer several years ago, I immediately thought of Margaret. I appreciated her patience, commitment and knowledge. Margaret is dedicated to her clients and at the ready with hints and information. She is educated on many subjects pertaining to the body, its mechanics and its capabilities. Margaret is always taking classes herself and continuing her education to assist you. Along with her undeniable talent she is a true team player and always manages to foster positivity and bring out the best in her clients and their workout. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Margaret Laorenza as a personal trainer to anyone at any level of fitness. From beginners to hard core enthusiasts, Margaret will tailor your work out for you. As a dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer and all-around great person, I know that Margaret will be YOUR greatest asset for your workouts.
    Barbara B., N. Scituate
  • I hired Margaret almost 10 years ago now to help me get in shape for my wedding day. After the big event, I couldn't wait to keep working out with her! Her knowledge, experience and attitude are unmatched and comforting - you know you are in good hands. Not to mention, in all this time, the workouts are still fresh! She is a master at variety which not only keeps it interesting, it helps trick my muscles into staying tone. Because she comes to my home, there are no excuses to not stay in shape. She is reliable, punctual, patient and professional.
    Alyson M, Warwick
  • I’ve been training w/ Margaret for over 6 years. The first thing she asks me is: How is my body, how do I feel. She can work around any problem area so that I can get a good workout without pain – and do some strength training to prevent those pains. Because of Margaret I have a stronger body. She challenges me, but just enough that I can handle. She watches how I handle the moves and adjusts the workout as the session progresses. Every class is different. Margaret gets 5 stars from me!
    Elise D, Providence
  • After expressing my desire to find a passionate personal trainer to help me stay fit, my good friend suggested Margaret. That was my lucky day. Margaret has been an excellent listener, contouring my training plan to help me fight osteoporosis and scoliosis. She creates a range of exercises to keep me vertical and straight.
    Judy M, Warwick
  • It is now... one week before the wedding, and I have lost 23 inches, 20 more pounds and 8% body fat. Working out with Margaret is always new and exciting. She always has a new trick up her sleeve to keep engaging and challenging me. What I love best though is Margaret’s approach to training and how easy she is to get along with-I absolutely adore her! Margaret is as committed to my goals as I am and while I’m certain I’ll enjoy my wedding and honeymoon, I can’t wait to get back training!
    Kim A, Scituate
  • I thought a personal trainer was something only rich people did, but now I know the truth!  Margaret is inspirational, always!  Knowing she is coming to the house on my schedule keeps me true to my regimen and I've never felt so good.  I actually look forward to working out!  It's always different and so strengthening.  Margaret is very special. Try it!  you won't be disappointed.  I've recommended her to all my friends.  She is helping me win my battle against gravity!
    Maribeth M, Warwick

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