Studio Training

private studio trainingStudio personal training is a great way to get to use gym equipment for strength and core training, while enjoying a quiet and private atmosphere.

There are no members so it is just the trainer and the client. I share the space with the 2 owners, but many times we would have the entire studio to ourselves!

There are treadmills and ellipticals for warming up prior to the sessions. Equipment includes free weights, dual cable and universal cable, smith bar press and various benches to optimize strength training. There is also an additional open floor room for mat work, leg work, group exercise, or whatever workout that requires a larger space.

Whether you prefer the privacy a studio would offer, or if you plan to use the big gym and want to learn how to use the equipment safely and effectively, the studio experience is a good choice.

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The initial consultation is a great way for the client and the trainer to meet, discuss goals, concerns, prior workout history etc.  There is some initial paperwork, which includes a health history and consent to exercise form.  There are several policies that the trainer will cover as far as scheduling appointments and cancellations.  Then, an introductory workout will be given by the trainer so that the client can get a feel for the style of training and personality of the trainer.

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